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Brewing Equipment

One of the fun things about homebrewing is all the exciting things you can get to make your brew day more convenient or precise.


It's Brewing Season!   Make somthing tasty.



Triple Scale Hydrometer Specific Gravity, Degrees Plato, Potential Alcohol
Hydrometer Test Jar Fill With Wort to Float the Hydrometer to Take Gravity Readings
Mash Paddle 28" Plastic
Spoon 28" Plastic
10' Funnel w/Filter Nylon Funnel w/ removable Filter
Auto-Siphons 3/8" Requires 5/16" Tubing         1/2" Requires 1/2" Tubing
Beer Thief Easy Way to Remove Samples to Check Gravity
Glass Carboys 3 - 5 - 6 Gallon Sizes
Better Bottles 3 - 5 - 6 Gallon Sizes Non-breakable Lighter Weight Plastic Fermentation Vessels
FerMonster 7gal. carboy4" wide mouth for easy cleaning.  Plenty of head space prevents blow-offs.  BPA free plastic is very light weight
Brew HaulerNylon Webbing Designed to Make it Easier to Move Glass 5 - 6gal Carboys
Carboy Cleaner Attach to a Drill to Clean out Carboys
Carboy Caps & Bungs Drilled & un-Drilled Bungs.  Cap fits 3-6gallon Carboys
Carboy WedgeHold The Carboy at an Angle to Make Racking Easier
Air Lock S-bend & 3-Piece
Stick On Liquid Crystal Thermometer Attach To Your Fermentation  Bottle or Bucket to Monitor Fermentation Temps
Dial Thermometer 12' Probe 0 - 220 Degrees
Wort Chiller20' Copper w/36" Tubing & Hose Fitting on Inlet Tube
Bottle Capper Red Baron Capper
Carboy, Bottle & Tubing Brushes 1/4" & 3/8" X 36" Brushes for Cleaning Tubing
Grain & Hop Socks Muslin & Nylon Bags
De-Gasser 24' Mix/Stirrer to de-gas wines & meads.  Use with drill.
Tubing 5/16"  - 3/8"  -  1/2"
Tubing Shut-Off Clamps 5/16"  -  1/2"
Racking Cane 30" Includes Racking Tip
Bottling Wand Includes Spring Loaded Tip
Siphon Tube Holder Holds Tube Steady in Carboy
Bucket Clip Holds Tubing Steady During Transfers
Fermentation & Bottling Buckets & Lids 6.5gal  Bottling Bucket Drilled For Bottling Spigot.  Lids drilled w/gasket for air locks
Bottle Tree Holds 90 bottles and racking equipment
2 Liter Erlenmeyer Flask Great for yeast starters
Stir Plate Keeps your yeast starter oxygenated.  Comes with stir bar.
Bottling Spigot Accepts 5/16 or 1/2" Tubing
Bottle Caps Oxygen Barrier Crown Caps Bags of 100
pH Test Strips4.6 - 6.2 100 per Vial
Picnic Taphose to serve from your keg

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